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Lutfi Vata
Unit 106 Camberwell Business Centre
99 – 103 Lomond Grove
London SE5 7HN

12 June 2009


Dear Lutfi

I am pleased to offer as requested a letter of support for your organisation.
I have known Ardhmeria for three years in my role as lead officer for supplementary education and mother tongue schools in Southwark.
The organisation has shown tremendous commitment to the education of Albanian children in the borough of Southwark. I have visited the supplementary education classes and found these to be well organised and very well attended. Children are alert, motivated and engaged. The organisation is developing innovative teaching practices to enhance the learning experience for students. Also commendable is the organisation’s commitment to developing its self evaluation methodology and tracking the progress of students.
I have found Ardhmeria very professional when it comes to requests for monitoring information from teachers or compliance meetings with the management committee.
The group would benefit from ensuring that the self evaluation methodology it is currently developing with our education consultants underpins all teacher planning, target setting and pupil assessment.
I wish you continued success for the future.


Hugh Stultz

Out of School Hours Study Support Manager





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